Deonna R. Sainz

My name is Deonna Sainz and I am 21 years old. I have lived in Arizona my entire life and don’t enjoy the weather. I currently am a nanny to two children and have previously worked in a daycare which I miss very much! Working at the daycare has only provided me with more clarification that I want to work with children! I am a junior at Arizona State University majoring in early childhood education. I eventually want to teach  kindergarten in the Kyrene school district. I hope once I get my career started, I would like to get my masters. I enjoy traveling; I have been to Costa Rica this past summer with ASU study abroad program. Also a year ago I did internship with Walt Disney world where I lived in Florida for eight months.
Lesson plan: Wildlife Excursion
Please take a moment to review the Desert millipede, Gopher, and the Brittlebush content pages.
Wildlife Excursion:
Desert Millipede: