Teacher's Note

Dear Educators,

Welcome to the Sonoran Desert Explorers website. I am eager for you to explore this site and potentially use it in your Kindergarten through third grade classrooms. This web page was designed by early childhood education students at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. This website is an educational resource about all things Sonoran Desert and is dedicated for you and your students. Each web page has activities, projects, and lessons you may use in your classroom to expand the knowledge of your students. This website allows students to gain knowledge, be creative/imaginative, and work with their fellow peers. I am very excited to use this website in my future classroom so I can share this resource with my students. I will definitely use the information provided on each web page to develop ideas for future lessons. I am so grateful to have had this wonderful opportunity and I thank you for taking your time to view this website. Now it is time to grab your hiking shoes and get ready to embark on a wonderful educational journey through the Sonoran Desert. Thank you.


Danielle C. Gonzales

P.S. I have created three pages that focuses on a specific animal (Coyote) , bug (Desert Hairy Scorpion) , and plant (Saguaro Cactus) in the Sonoran Desert. Please take a moment to review the following links:
I have also created a lesson plan specifically for second grade students which I hope you will enjoy!