White-lined Sphinx

Hello! Welcome to the homepage of the White-Lined Sphinx! Here you will find alot of fun information and activities that revolve around this wonderful White-Lined Sphinx. Please watch the YouTube video for an introduction of what you will be learning about on this website. 

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By: Jennifer Finn

 White-Lined Sphinx

    White-lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata) moth resting near an outside light

WHO AM I? I come from the Sphingiade family. My subfamily is the Macroglossinae. You may know me by my scientific name, Hyles Lineata. Most of you see me and think I am a moth.

WHERE DO I LIVE?I live in Central America north through Mexico and the West Indies to most of the United States and Southern Canada. You can also find me in Europe, Asia, and Africa. I have a wide variety of habitats including deserts, suburbs, and gardens. Naturally, I am attracted to light.

WHAT DO I EAT? When I am a catipillar I eat a great variety of plants including willow weed, four oclock, apple, evening primrose, elm, grape, tomato, purslane and fuschia. When I am an adult, I eat nectar from a variety of flowers with a deep tubular shape.  

HOW DO I LOOK?   I look like a moth but to be more descriptive, my upper side of my wing is dark olive brown with light brown along the costa and outer margin, a narrow tan band running down my wing tip, and white streaks along the veins of my back. My wingspan is 6.3 - 9 cm. 

HOW DO I REPRODUCE? If I am a female, I give off my scent that I am ready to reproduce to the male Sphinx. He will then catch my scent and find me using his sense of smell. Shortly after, I will lay somewhere around 100 eggs on a leaf of choice. Depending on the weather and environmental conditions, the eggs will either hatch in a few days or a few months. Once they are hatched, they become Caterpillar and raise and feed themselves until they are old enough to come out of the cocoon.

FUN FACT ABOUT ME? A fun fact about me is that I am the largest flying insect in the Sonoran Desert.

WHERE DID YOU FIND INFORMATION ABOUT ME?http://www.butterfliesandmoths.org/species/Hyles-lineata

Now lets do something fun!!!!

Hey Kindergartners! Let's practice what you learned today! Draw a picture of a white lined sphinx and write one sentence about it!

Hey First and Second Graders! Here is a fun activity: Find 3 pictures online of the white lined sphinx and post them into power point. Each of the three slides will have one picture and one sentence describing the white lined sphinx!

Hey Third Graders! Here is a fun challange! Find 5 different pictures of the white lined sphinx or anything that you have learned about it (Its home, where it lives in the desert, what color it is, what it kind of flowers it eats) and post in power point with two sentences under each picture describing what you posted and why!

This website has a ton of information on the White-Lined Sphinx and how it grows and lives. It tells about its lifestyle and what it needs to survive. If you are looking to further your research, definitely refer to this website because it has a lot of great and interesting scientific information.