American Snout Butterfly

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Hello my name is Aaron and I am going to talk to you about the American Snout Butterfly. This butterfly has a strange long snout and comes in many colors although gray is it's favorite
it is a very common butterfly and it eats the nector from flowers. Well i think that is all we have time for. See you later



Who am I?
 I am a butterfly with a long snout. I am part of the butterfly family called Nymphalidae. As a catepillar, I appear to
have a hunchback with a small head. As a catepillar, I also had swollen sections.

Where do I live?
I am found in both North and South America in forest clearings and edges. I also attract attention in Texas and Mexican Newspapers because there are so many of me. 

What do I eat? 
Like any other butterfly I eat nectar from different types of flowers. I use my feet to taste, before I eat and I help flowers reproduce as well. I bring something called pollen from other flowers and I go form flower to flower mixing up the pollen as I go. 

How do I look?
  I have a long snout with the body of a typical butterfly and my wings come in many colors but I prefer gray. I am often confused for a dead leaf because my colors are so dull. I can also have spots. I also have orange on my wings. 

How do I reproduce?
 I sit on branches and try to look like dead leaves.I look around near by plants to seek females. Eggs are laid in small groups on leaves of the host tree; caterpillars eat young leaves.

Fun Fact?
I am known to live on road sides as well. I am also a very common butterfly. To hide from enemies, I can camouflage myself.  


Kindergarten-you will receive caterpillars and  document how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly
 First-you will go butterfly  hunting and draw what you see
Second-you will make a video on the butterfly life cycle       
Third-you will make butterflies and talk about them

You can find me at:, at Butterflies and you can learn about me and about members of my family. I can also be found at your local library. You can also ask your parents about me or your teacher and maybe you can find me in your backyard.