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Teacher's Note

Dear Teachers
The Sonoran desert website is a great resource to use for educating your students about the wildlife and vegetation Arizona has to offer. My colleagues and I have spent a lot of time in perfecting this website that will both interest and educate your students.  While navigating the website you will find that there are many activities and lesson plans that you are welcome to use in the classroom.  Each page holds an introductory video to capture the audience, as well as information written in a fun way to keep their attention.  There is also an assessment available at the bottom of every page in order to keep track of the information your students are retaining.  We have studied the three theories: contructivism, multiple intelligence, and blooms taxonomy.  Learning about these has helped us to create these fun activities that will help your students learn in a way that is most beneficial to them.  Thank you for taking the time to view our website, and I hope that it will be a very useful tool for you and the classroom.

Take some time to review the subpages I created:  Desert RecluseMesquiteStripe-tailed Scorpion.  Here is my lesson plan