Celia Peru


Hello there! My name is Celia Peru, I'm a student in the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College, Early childhood education program. I recently earned my Associates of Arts in Elementary Education from Mesa Community College. I returned to college in 2008 to obtain my teaching certificate. I recently resigned from my assistant teaching position with Mesa public schools to dedicate my time to the professional teaching program. Working in the preschool program with Mesa Public School is what sparked my interest to become a teacher! I was privileged enough to spend five years in a classroom setting with four year olds, in a very high quality, NAEYC accredited classroom. I was also exposed to teachers who were excellent mentors and allowed me room to grow in my career. I have also been very dedicated to the education of my own two children who are now 10 and 13. I have volunteered as a math tutor, teacher's helper, field trip assistant, and recently Art Masterpiece in my son's school. I look forward to one day and exploring the Sonoran Desert Website with the children in my own classroom! 

Please take a moment to look at the Lesson plan I created for 3rd graders, its called 3rd Grade- Let's Explore Vegetation! (Prickly Pear Cactus)

Also,  please check out the Giant Desert CentipedeJavelinaPrickly pear cactus, content pages!