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Teacher's Note

This website was designed for students from kindergarten all the way to third grade. Not only will they be learning about the Sonoran Desert and all of its inhabitants, but they will be learning how to use and navigate a computer as well. There are various activities for students to complete depending on their grade level that they can complete with their parents. These activities will use different technologies and will depend on the different subjects learned about. Each subject in the Sonoran Desert also has an assessment for students to fill out. I was involved by creating the sub-pages for the yellow headed blackbird, bursage, and termites. I accessed various websites to come up with the information for my pages. This website can be used in the future as a reference to anyone traveling through the Sonoran Desert. Students can take the information they learned on the website and use it to identify animals and vegetation they find while in the desert. There are three learning theories, and they all relate to this website. These theories include multiple intelligences, Constructivist Theory, and Bloom’s Taxonomy.