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Teacher's Note

This project is a site that directly focuses on better educating students on the Sonoran Desert. The site has been strategically constructed so that all students are able to learn from it. It focuses on the crawlers, wildlife and vegetation that can be found in the Sonoran Desert. Each page is about one specific item. For example if the student wanted to learn about the Bark Scorpion they could click on that page. There are pictures and some information on the Bark Scorpion. There is also a video that introduces an activity. The activities vary and there is a lesson plan that gives step by step instructions and it also includes adaptions for learning disabled and gifted students. At the end of each activity the student can be given the opportunity to complete an assessment on what they just learned. All of the information that is in the assessment is on the page that they read.

Some of the advantages to this site is that it is a fun way for the students to become familiar with the different things that are living in the Sonoran Desert. This project is very interactive and it was made so that they can learn but they can also have fun and really work at their own pace. The site can be accessed anywhere so if you wanted the students to complete the activity or assessment at home then they are given that opportunity. Also, there are so many things to chose from. They can chose what they want to learn about and every item is exciting!
Working with this site will really focus on the multiple intelligences. No page is the same so the students will be learning different ways and it is a great way for them to become familiar with the different ways of learning and maybe see what works best for them. This is an activity that puts the majority of the responsibility on the students. It is all things that can be done on their own but it really gives them the freedom to be creative. This really relates to Constructivist Learning. When the students are given the opportunity to work with technology it makes them excited. Not only is the information that they will be learning fun but the fact that they will be doing everything on the computer will really get them interested. Teachers really need to emphasize the importance of the students taking this into their own hands. When the students have freedom they are more likely to let their creative juices flow.
I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to contribute to this site. This is something that is new and exciting and I know it will be beneficial to the students learning.

Click to learn more about the Bark Scorpion, Chain Fruit Cholla, and Black-Tailed Gnatcatcher.