Learning theory

 Bloom's Taxonomy Children use their five senses to learn. This website can be used to address most of the senses so that each student can walk away with something now that they learned. There are five terms that can be addressed knowledge: students can acquire information from the website, comprehension:Students can use videos and such to comprehend information and understand it better, application or finding a practical use: Students can used what they have learned to help the environment and to identify potiencial dangers, analysis: Children can use the website to break down informaion, synthesis: students can use the website to break down elements about the Sonoran Desert , and evaluation: They can refer to the website and evaluate what they have learned.
 Cognitive How students acquire knowledge and this website can be used to acquire knowledge.   
 Affective Growth in feelings. This website can be used to attach children to specific animals and cause them to care about thee well-being   
 PsychomotorManual or physical skills, This website can be used to engage in physical learning by being used as a referance for children to do a physical project.   
 Constructive focuses more on teaching students things that peaks their interest. The website can be used as another resource that can peak their interest in a number of ways.  
 Multiple Intelligence Focuses on the child's background and what works better for them to learn from This website could help but reduce paper work and making it easy for children to referance something.  

Alexandra Henderson



Summary of the Learning theory

            What all the theories basically say is that children learn from cognitive, emotional and environmental influences in a child’s life. The theory is used to describe how people learn and in ways it helps us learn how to teach others. In terms of the Bloom’s Taxonomy, there are three specific types of learning: cognitive, affective and psychomotor. Each discuss ways that learners connect with things through their five senses. They also uses their feelings and personalities to make connections and they build on experiences. In other word no person ever stops learning from their mistakes and there accomplishments.

            Constructive learning is basically the same thing except they focus more on teaching students things that will more likely peak their interests, which in my opinion can be done with any style since they are going to be sampling different things at once. Multiple Intelligence is more curious about what makes children tick, basically what in their past has made them who they are today.