All About Alexandra Henderson

Dear Reader, 
    My name is Alexandra Noelle Henderson and I was born in Orange County, California. I was born on October 11,1991 and I am currently living in Tempe, Arizona. I am attending Arizona State University and I am currently completing my 3rd year. My dream is to become a preschool teacher and then later to open my own day care. I am 19 years old and over the years I have held 2 jobs, not including babysitting. The first was a summer job at a jewelry store called Tres Jolie, it was a good job but the boss never seemed to like people too much. I eventually quit however because I had to finish school, but I don’t regret the experience. My second and current job is at Domino’s Pizza as a customer service representative and I have been working there since February of 2011.I have also tutored children for 2 years at a place called the Maple Counseling and I absolutely loved it.  I am also a babysitter on the side and I love to work with children.
 Please take this opportunity to look at some samples of my work, Black Rail, Creosote Bush, American Snout Butterfly,
Just in Case:
Black Rail:
Creosote Bush:
American Snout Butterfly:
Bug Puppet Lesson Plan: