3rd Grade- Sonoran Desert Vegetation Fun

Lesson Plan for: Sonoran Desert Vegetation
Grade Level: 3rd

Lesson Developer: Megan Sanders

Lesson Plan Title:
Sonoran Desert Vegetation Fun

Concept / Topic To Teach:
Sonoran Desert Vegetation

Standards Addressed:
Third Grade:
Writing: Concept 5: Publishing, PO 1, PO 2, PO 3
Technology: Strand 3: PO 1, PO 2; Strand 1: PO 1
Science: Strand 4: PO 1

General Goal(s):  
Students will go out in to their neighborhood and write down as well as take pictures of vegetation that they see and then make a PowerPoint of their findings while also drawing a picture to identify the structure of the plant.

Specific Objectives:
Explore neighborhood/community with a parent and identify the different types of desert vegetation they see. They will do a short paragraph describing each type they see as well as take a picture of the vegetation (do not pick more than 5 types of vegetation). Then they will go to the Sonoran Desert Website and find the different types of vegetation they saw and pick one to do a PowerPoint on and then draw a picture describing the structure of a plant.

Required Materials:
Computer for each student or no more than 1 for every 2 students(at school), Internet access, access to the Sonoran Desert Explorers website, PowerPoint software, camera (if students do not have camera, they can sketch the plant), paper, and colored pencils

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):
Nature walk with parents, somewhere in community, should bring a camera and a paper and pencil to write a short description of what they see.
Students should have prior knowledge of the structure of a plant (roots, stem, flowers, seeds).

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1. Students go out with parents and identify no more than 5 different types of desert vegetation in their community. Take pictures of the plants.
2. Students will then choose one type of vegetation and become an expert by researching it using the Sonoran Desert Explorers website and other Internet resources
4. Using one type of vegetation create a PowerPoint with pictures that they took on their nature walk (must bring in camera card and teacher will help upload). If students did not have camera, find pictures on the internet to put in their PowerPoint. Needs to include slides about what the plant looks like, how the plant survives, and a description of the structure of the plant.
5. Draw a picture of the plant and identify the different parts of the structure.
6. Students will print out their PowerPoint and present that to a small group along with their drawing.
7. Students will find the plant they did their PowerPoint on in the Sonoran Desert Explorers website and take the assessment at the bottom of the page.

Plan For Independent Practice:
Researching one type of vegetation, creating PowerPoint, taking assessment

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):
Taking assessment on Sonoran Desert Explorers website, sharing PowerPoint

Assessment Based On Objectives:
Quiz on Sonoran Desert Explorer website and then review student’s powerpoint

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):
Can do research, drawing of structure, and PowerPoint at home with parents or partner student. May be assessed in different ways, besides taking quiz on website.

Extensions (For Gifted Students):
Research and do PowerPoints for two different types of vegetation

Possible Connections To Other Subjects:
Science: Structure of plants, Technology: creating PowerPoint and using Internet resources