**3rd Grade- Lets Discover the Arizona Striped Whiptail

By: Alyssa Duprey

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Lesson Developer: Alyssa Duprey 

Lesson Plan Title: Lets Discover the Arizona Striped Whiptail

Concept/ Topic to be Taught: Writing 

General Goal(s): The goal for the lesson is for students to have a well developed understanding and present information on the Arizona Striped Whiptail 

Specific Objectives: The students will be able to present on the Arizona Striped Whiptail

Anticipatory Set (Lead in):  The students will take a look at the Arizona Striped Whiptail section of this website to learn  information.  They are also click on the links to gather more information.  

Materials: Computers, Internet, Over heads, Xtranormal program, and Youtube account 

Step-By-Step Procedures:  
1. Learn information about the Arizona Striped Whiptail
2. As a class go over how to use Xtranormal 
3. Get into groups 
4. Head to the computer lab 
5. As a group work on a Xtrannormal video presenting important information they just learned about the Arizona Striped Whiptail
6. Once the Video is complete the group will come up with a presentation to present in front of the class 

Plan for Independent Practice: The students will write a short  paper on what they learned and how their group choose what information went into their video why they saw that as important.  

Closing: Discuss the information the students presented in their videos and why they choose that information

Assessment: Video and presentation will be graded by the teacher as well as how well the group worked together on the project

Adaption: When choosing the groups make sure you mix the groups up where each group has some higher level students with some lower level students.  Also the students that need special attention can benefit from having an aid help out.  

Extension:  Can be a teachers aid and help out the students that may be struggling and need some help.  

Possible Connection to Other Subjects: Reading, Science, and Art