3rd Grade- Adventures in the Sonoran Desert

Grade Level: Third Grade

Lesson Developer: Ciara Washington

Lesson Plan Title: Adventures in the Sonoran Desert

Concept / Topic To Teach: Identifying vegetation, wildlife, and crawlers in the Sonoran Desert

Standards Addressed:

Strand 4 Life Science
Concept 1:  Characteristics of Organisms
PO 1: Describe the function of the following plant structures: • roots – absorb nutrients • stems – provide support • leaves – synthesize food • flowers – attract pollinators and produce seeds for reproduction

Concept 3:  Organisms and Environments
PO4: Describe how plants and animals cause change in their environment

Strand 1-Creativity and Innovation
Concept 1-Knowledge and Ideas
PO1: Evaluate information to generate ideas and processes

Strand 2: Writing Elements
Concepts 1-6
Strand 3: Writing Applications
Concept: Research
PO1- Paraphrase information from at least one source

General Goal(s): Students will learn about Sonoran Desert vegetation, wildlife and crawlers.

Specific Objectives: Using the Sonoran Desert website, students will be able to learn about the wildlife, crawlers and vegetation. Once the project is completed students will be Sonoran Desert "experts".

Required Materials: notebooks, pencils, camera, computer, construction paper, glue.  

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):  Students will view Sonoran Desert website prior to lesson plan to gain an understanding of what they should look for while out on their nature walk.  

Step-By-Step Procedures:
1.  The teacher will introduce the Sonoran Desert website and allow students to explore the pages to get an understanding of what is in the Sonoran Desert.
2.   Students will go on a nature walk with their parents and take pictures of the vegetation, wildlife and crawlers they encounter, as well as write a description and any other added information in their notebooks.
3.  Using the pictures they have taken and information, students will make a “Sonoran Desert” book, and fill it with their findings.  There must be a picture on each page, and at least a paragraph of information underneath.
4.  Student’s will share their books with their classmates and compare what they came across on their nature walks.
5.  Using three of their findings, students will then enter the Sonoran Desert website again, and take the assessment found at the bottom of the page.

Plan For Independent Practice:  Students will be creating their Sonoran Desert books independently.

- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):  Students share their finished product with their classmates and take the assessment.  

- Assessment Based On Objectives:  Using the website, students will take a short assessment located at the bottom of the page.

- Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):  Adjust the length of writing required for the Sonoran Desert book.

- Extensions (For Gifted Students):  Have gifted students find more information on each of their findings, and write more than one paragraph per page.  

- Possible Connections To Other Subjects:
Science:  How plants and animals effect their ecosystem, plant structures, life cycles
Reading:  Reading information about plants and animals
Writing:  Using proper writing techniques to talk about vegetation, wildlife, and crawlers.
Technology:  Using Internet resources