3rd Grade - Let's Talk about Sonoran Desert Wildlife

Grade Level:
  • 3rd Grade
Lesson Developer:
  • Marissa A. Long
Lesson Plan Title:
  • Wildlife in the Sonoran
Concept / Topic To Teach:
  • We will discuss the Greater Roadrunner, Black Throated Sparrow, and the Bighorn Sheep by watching a introduction video, interacting with a informative and instructional website, and completing a grade appropriate activity and review form.
3rd Grade Standards Addressed:
  • Reading -
    • Strand 1: Reading Process, Concept 3: Phonics; PO 1 & 3.
    • Strand 1: Reading Process, Concept 6: Comprehension Strategies; PO & 4
  • Technology -
    • Strand 1: Creativity & Innovation, Concept 1: Knowledge & Ideas; PO 1
    • Strand 1: Creativity & Innovation, Concept 4: Original Works; PO 1 & 2
  • Science -
    • Strand 4: Life Science, Concepts 1-4
General Goal(s):
  • The goal of this lesson is to teach the third grade class about three animals found in their ecosystem, the Sonoran Desert. You will accomplish this by using the website provided that provides the educational information and the accompanying activities for each animal will allow the children to retain the information better and serve as a study aid.
Specific Objectives:
  • By using the website and the technology found within the site, the students in the class will demonstrate knowledge of these three animals found in the Sonoran Desert, the ability to read and comprehend the information and the ability to use technology to complete the activities provided.
Required Materials:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Printer
  • Microsoft Office Products (PowerPoint)
  • Pencil
  • Paper
Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):
  • Take the kids out for a walk in nature
  • The introduction videos are also a sort of “Lead-In”
Step-By-Step Procedures:
  • Have the class do some brief research on the animals the day before the lesson and then come together the next day to briefly discuss what they already know about the animals.
  • Locate the website and ensure your students have done the same
  • Ensure everyone uses and looks at the sub-pages for the animals
  • Have the student’s listen to the introduction videos for each animal before diving into the information
  • Upon listening to the introduction videos, have the student’s read the information and talk about it together as a class by having the class participate in pop-corn reading.
  • After reading all of the information there is a form at the end of the page that you should have the children complete which will show you how well they comprehended the information.
  • After completing the form you will have the children complete the subsequent grade activity found at the very bottom of the web-page.
  • The children should attempt to complete the activities using their memory, then have them work in pairs and lastly allow them to use the website to answer the questions.
  • Come together at the end of the lesson to have a discussion about what was learned
  • As a follow up activity, have the class take a field trip to the zoo where the animals can be found or ask a wild life professional to come in and talk about the animals
  • *Note that you can make any adaptions to the lesson plan as you see fit, the site allows flexibility
Plan For Independent Practice:
- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):
  • The form found at the bottom of each page serves as a closing activity.
- Assessment Based On Objectives:
  • The attachements found at the bottom of each page serve as assessment tools for each objective
- Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):
  • Have the children draw, color in and label the animals. A coloring sheet would be great here.
- Extensions (For Gifted Students):
  • Have the children do additional research on the animals and write a brief paper on them.
- Possible Connections To Other Subjects:
  • Environmental issues
  • Technology Products
  • Research Projects

Here is a link for the 3rd grade lesson plan regarding wildlife in the Sonoran Desert: 3rd Grade - Let's Talk about Sonoran Desert Wildlife

Learn more about the Greater Roadrunner by clicking this link: Greater Roadrunner

Learn more about the Short-horned Grasshopper by clicking this link: Short-horned Grasshopper

Learn more about the Indigo Bush by clicking this link: Indigo Bush

URLS for the links can be found below:
Greater Roadrunner - https://sites.google.com/a/asu.edu/sonoran-desert-explore/w---greater-roadrunner
Short-horned Grasshopper - https://sites.google.com/a/asu.edu/sonoran-desert-explore/c---short-horned-grasshopper
Indigo Bush - https://sites.google.com/a/asu.edu/sonoran-desert-explore/v---indigo-bush

The URL for the lesson plan can be found here:  https://sites.google.com/a/asu.edu/sonoran-desert-explore/3rd-grade---let-s-talk-about-sonoran-desert-wildlife