1st Grade - Sonoran Desert Crawlers

Grade Level:  1st grade

Lesson Developer:  Janae Humpherys

Lesson Plan Title:  Sonoran Desert Crawlers

Concept / Topic To Teach:  Learn about the different crawlers that live in the Sonoran Desert

Standards Addressed:  Writing components, Voice, Create pictures and text that is expressive, individualistic, engaging, and lively.

General Goal(s):  Teach students how to identify different crawlers in the Sonoran Desert

Specific Objectives:  Teach students about where these crawlers live, what they eat, how they reproduce, what they look like, and interesting facts about them.

Required Materials:  Computer, Internet, crayons, paper, and pencils

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):  Show the Xtranormal videos that introduce each crawler

Step-By-Step Procedures:
  1. Watch the Xtranormal video for each crawler
  2. Present the information about each crawler
  3. Do the activity of making a comic strip about the crawlers
  4. Take the assessment on each of the crawlers

Plan For Independent Practice:  Have students report to their parents and tell them what they have learned about the crawlers.

- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):  Ask students to share what crawler they find most interesting and why.

- Assessment Based On Objectives:  Take the quizzes on each of the crawler pages.

- Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):  Pair students up with another student to look up more information about each crawler.

- Extensions (For Gifted Students):  Have students make a poster showing each of the different crawlers.

- Possible Connections To Other Subjects:  Literacy, art, and science