1st Grade - Life in the Sonoran Desert

Lesson Plan Title: Life in the Sonoran Desert

Lesson Developer: Amanda Flores

Grade Level: First Grade

Concept / Topic To Teach: This lesson teaches the students about the different crawlers, wildlife and vegetation in the Sonoran Desert

Standards Addressed:
Strand 1: Creativity and Innovation
Concept 4: Original Works
PO1. Use digital creativity tools to develop ideas and create a project
Concept 5: Sentence Fluency
Fluency addresses the rhythm and flow of language. Sentences are strong and varied in structure and length.
PO 1. Write simple sentences (1)
Concept 1: Characteristics of Organisms
Understand that basic structures in plants and animals serve a function.
PO 1. Identify the following as characteristics of living things:
•growth and development
• reproduction
•response to stimulus (1)

General Goal(s): By completing this activity the students will be able to better understand the Sonoran lifestyle.

Specific Objectives: This Lesson allows the students to enhance their writing, science and technological skills while learning fun and interesting facts about the Sonoran Desert and all that it has to offer.

Required Materials:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • PowerPoint

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): We will do a nature walk around the school and see if we can recognize any of the crawlers, wildlife or vegetation.

Step-By-Step Procedures:
  • The students will watch the xtranormal videos for the subpages to gain a better understanding on what they will be learning.
  • We will take a nature walk to explore and see if we can recognize anything that we see in the desert.
  • The students can look through the pages to read the information on the crawler, wildlife and vegetation.
  • The students can complete the activity one the crawler, wildlife or vegatation (Choose 1)
  • After completing the activity take the assessment to see how much information was retained.

Plan For Independent Practice:
For each subpage there is a quiz that the students will be able to take. All of the questions are in the information that is posted on the page. There is also an activity that the students are able to complete. This activity if something fun for the students but it will also keep all of the new information fresh in their minds.
  • Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):

The assessment that is on the page is the closure assignment for this lesson
  • Assessment Based On Objectives:

There is an assessment embedded in the page for the students to complete
  • Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):

For students with a learning disability there will be an assigned person to help them read through the text to make sure that they fully comprehend the information. Also we can do a verbal assessment instead of the formal one on the page.
  • Extensions (For Gifted Students):

For the gifted students they can choose from the following:
  • Brochure
  • Comic Strip
  • Poster Board

This will be an additional assignment that the gifted students will be able to have fun with. It should be detailed and creative. They can choose how ever many items they want to include. Talk about the different things you chose in detail and why you chose those things.

Possible Connections To Other Subjects:
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Technology
  • History