Desert Box Turtle

INTRODUCTION  I am a cute turtle that lives in the deserts of Arizona. The colors of my shell are used as a camouflage in the desert where i live. I love to live in grassy areas where i am free to roam around. Im friendly as long as you give me my space.
WHO AM I? Iam a desert box turtle. Although i'm small and cute i can't be kept as a pet.  I am an animal of concern in arizona, so if you ever find one of me please don't take me home.
WHERE DO I LIVE? I live in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. When i look for somewhere to live, i like to pick a place that has a lot of open space. This gives me plenty of room to roam free and explore. Maybe one day you might see me out when your walking a around some where in the desert.
WHAT DO I EAT?I like to eat plants and animal tissue. I also eat insects, leaves, and berries. Sometimes i will even eat dead animals i find lying around. What i eat just depends on where i am and whats avaliable. Finding food when your a turtle is a lot harder then you think.
HOW DO I LOOK? I have a rounded shell that is yellow that has black or brown lines. I have big claws , to make me stronger. I have a bigger tail when I'm a male, and the older i get the darker my shell gets. For being a turlte i think i look pretty cute.
HOW DO I REPRODUCE? I mate in the spring, right after I wake up from hibernation. Nesting of the eggs happens anywhere from May to July. I can
have anywhere from two to eight eggs. Having that many babies at once is a tough job!
 FUN FACTS- I hibernate in the winter. I also can live 25 years or more.
                                                                                             Activity- Draw a picture of a desert box turtle, make sure you include the colors of the turtle and what their habitat looks like. List your favorite  thing you learned about this turtle. When are done we will post them on our bulltin board for everyone to admire .

The pima website had  a lot f information on the Desert box turtle.

I found these pictures on google images.