Sonoran Shovel-nose Snake

Introduction Hello i am a small snake that lives in Arizona. I am noctural, which means that  i sleep during the day, and hunt at night. I am most active in the spring time. I spend most of my time being underground.I usually live in elvations that are from 1,500 to 2,500 ft.
Who am I? I am a sonoran shovel nosed snake. I am non venomus, but that doesn't mean i won't bite you. Don't be fooled by my cute and inviting size. Anytime you spot a snake in the wild you should keep your distance.
Where do I live? I am usually found in Pima County, which is located in Arizona. I like to make my home somewhere its nice and cool. I prefer to live in or by a wash. So watch your step when your around any of these areas.
What do I eat? I like to eat scorpions, spiders, and all sorts of other insects.Ocassionally i will also eat  things like centipedes.  I eat various things depending on whats around me at a particular time.
What do I look like? I’m a small snake with red, yellow, and black stripes. I sometimes can be mistaken for a coral snake, but i have  a black nose. I can grow to be 17 inches long. While i may be cute, if one day you run into me please don't pick me up
How do I reproduce?  I usually mate in the spring. Then in the summer about 5 eggs are laid.  Once my eggs hatch i have about 5 snake babies.
Fun facts-I hibernate  in late fall and winter. I need to hibernate so i can stay warm, and not starve when there is a lack of food in the area i live in.
Activity- Now that we have learned about the sonoran shovel nosed snake, draw a picture and list three important facts we learned about this snake. After everyone is finsished we will go around and share our pictures.
 Reptiles of Arizona is a good site to look at for more information on a sonoran shovel nosed snake.
     Desert  museum is an excellent site to find information.                                                                                                                                                               
I got my pictures from google images.