** Grade 3-Out in the Wild


Grade Level: Third

Lesson Developer: Jennifer Arellano

Lesson Plan Title: OUT IN THE WILD!

Concept / Topic To Teach:

 Students will learn to identify the relationship between coordinates and location. Students will learn about animals located in the Sonoran Desert.

Standards Addressed:

Strand 1: Creativity and Innovation

Concept 4: Original Works

Use technology to create original works in innovative ways.

PO 1: Use digital creativity tools to create original works.


Strand 2:  Communication and Collaboration

Concept 2: Digital Solutions

Contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems.

PO 1: Contribute to a cooperative learning project and demonstrate effective group behaviors while using digital collaborative resources.


General Goal(s): Use a GPS to find a “hidden treasure.” Use the zoo map to find the students animal that they chose. Go out and find the animal.  

Specific Objectives:

After this lesson students will be able to use a GPS and a map to find a specific location given specific coordinates at 80% proficiency.

Required Materials: After placing the students into groups of four each group will need a GPS, a map of the Phoenix Zoo, and a camera.


Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Have students choose an animal that best describes them and then say why?


Step-By-Step Procedures:

·         Students will choose any Sonoran Desert creature that is located at the Phoenix Zoo

·         Students will read, take quiz, and do the activity that is attached to the specific animal.

·         Students will be placed into groups of five.

·         Each group will be given a GPS, camera, and a Phoenix Zoo Map.

·         Students are to find the geocache and then their Sonoran Desert animal with the map that they are given.  

·         They are to take a picture as a group with the geocache and with each person’s animal. Here are the coordinates N 33° 27.068 W 111° 56.780 

·         The next day, as a group students will make a short presentation highlighting facts for each individual animal.

·         Students will add their pictures from the trip to the presentation.

·         Students will present to the class.


Plan For Independent Practice:

Students have the opportunity to explore their school and create a map of their favorite places. 

- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set):

 Students will be presenting their finding's to the class.


- Assessment Based On Objectives:

 Students will be assessed according to whether students were able to use Phoenix Zoo map and GPS correctly according to the individual group guide.

- Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):

 Students will be provided with extra help and any extra resources that may be needed. This depends on the student and teacher.

- Extensions (For Gifted Students):

 These students will be challenged to find 2 animals instead of just their own using the map that should have been provided to them.

- Possible Connections To Other Subjects: