*Grade 2-Home on the Range

2nd Grade-Home on the Range


Grade Level: 2nd

Lesson Developer: E. Rhiannon Vincent

Lesson Plan Title: Home on the Range

Concept/Topic to Teach:

Science can help teach students about the wildlife in the Sonoran Desert through the use of teamwork. They will be able to gain skills in problem-solving and develop a deep passion for learning.

Art will help students develop a deep understanding of using their imagination.

Standards Addressed:

4. Develops imagination

General Goal(s): The general goal for this lesson is to have students learn about the Sonoran Desert and to engage in group activities together.

Specific Objectives: Students will learn from the webpage and then create a model of their subject that they learned about developing their imagination.

Required Materials:

·         Internet access to the Sonoran Desert Explorers website

·         Clay, paint, paint brushes and space to create model

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Introduction to the lesson will begin by asking the class what they know about the Sonoran Desert. They will then precede watching the Sonoran Desert Explorer website and discussing in detail about the weather, location and wildlife. This lesson will be a week long process for students to learn and develop their skills working with a team. At the end of the project they will be able to display their clay models in short presentations.

Step-By-Step Procedures:

Day 1

1)      Introduction to the lesson. Students will explore the Sonoran Desert Explorers site.

2)      Break the students into groups that they will work with throughout the week according to 3 assigned wildlife web pages from the Sonoran Desert Explorers site.

3)      Let each group watch and discuss their assigned topics. Then let the students take the assessments that are connected with their topics.

4)      Have them discuss with each other what they learned.

Day 2

1)      Have each group discuss the individual topics and decide which one they would like to use for their art project.

2)      Have each student take 10 minutes to review their topic independently.

3)      As homework, have each student go home and draw what they think their topic looks like.

Day 3

1)      Have students use their drawings from their homework to create their own clay model of their topic.

2)      Let the students discuss in their groups what they think are important parts of their topic and what makes their topic special.

3)      Let the models dry overnight.

Day 4

1)      Let students paint and decorate their clay models using their imagination.

2)      Let the models dry over night for tomorrow’s presentation.

3)      Have students discuss how they will present their models in their group presentation tomorrow.

Day 5

1)      Have each group present in front of the class what they learned about their topics.

2)      Have each student introduce their clay model and the important characteristics they used.

3)      Let the class ask each group any questions they have.

4)      Each student will be able to have their model on display for the school to view.

Plan for Independent Practice: Have students research any information that they feel they did not find in the Sonoran Desert Explorers Website.


·         When students are finished presenting with their groups, give them the opportunity to discuss what they learned from the website. Have students take notes on what they learned to help them organize their information.

·         After the presentations are completed and the class has had time to discuss what they have learned, test the students on what they learned from each other.


Adaptations (For Students with Learning Disabilities):

Through the use of groups, students with disabilities will be able to participate through the help of teammates.

Extensions (For Gifted Students):

Have gifted students find extra details about their topic that they didn’t find in the Sonoran Desert Explorers website. Have them include their findings in their clay model through extra details.

Possible Connections to Other Subjects:

·         Geography will help them learn about the location of the Sonoran Desert.

·         Writing can help students express their topics in a new and expressive way.

·         Literacy will let students read and develop information through exploration.