Turkey Vulture


Hello there. I must warn you some of the things you are about to read about the Turkey Vulture are going to be quite icky and downright gross. Just remember that its an essential part of the circle of life and without the  Turkey Vulture this world would be a much dirtier place. If your  curious to find out what the Turkey Vulture does that is so interesting and icky, well ill fill you in…they eat dead animals found in the desert!!! Read on to find out more.


I am the infamous Turkey Vulture. Some people like to call me a Buzzard. I am quite the scavenger and will eat just about anything, and by anything I mean just that. I like to fly low and close to the ground so that I can smell the gasses coming off of dead carcasses. I have a pretty nasty looking wrinkly face that is hard to miss. Keep on reading to learn all kinds of things about me.   

I live all over the Americas. I also am the most abundant breed of Vulture there is. There is said to be 4,500,000 of me living throughout the America currently. That is a whole lot. I like to make my nest on the ground or in a cave.

Ok, I like to eat some pretty disgusting things, so be prepared. Carrion is what I’m most known for eating. Carrion is dead carcass meat. However, I will pretty much eat anything else as well, and have even been spotted eating rotten Halloween pumpkins. I am a true to the bone scavenger.

I have a real grizzly appearance. I am a rather large bird. I can be 25-32 inches long with up to a six foot wing span. I weigh about 5-6 pounds. I have a bald wrinkly head that serves a purpose. Often times I have to dig way deep into a carcass to get food and feathers on my head would just get in my way, that is why I have such a bald head. 


True to being a scavenger I will try to find anything in the nature that I can use to be a suitable place to lay my eggs. I can only produce 1-3 eggs a year, but typically produce two at a time. My eggs are speckled. Both the male and female version of me take care of the eggs until they hatch, normally taking 38-41 days. My babies stay with me for about 70-80 days for taking off onto their own.

-Sometimes Vultures eat so much, they are unable to fly for a while.
-Vultures can stay in the air for hours at a time.
-The turkey vulture gets it's name because it's head looks like a turkeys head. 
-A group of vultures is called a "venue."
-Turkey vultures have excellent eyesight during the day, but very poor vision at night.  

Turkey vultures are known as the scavengers of the desert. Create a scavenger hunt for your students to follow around campus using a map, pictures, and visual ques leading to a special cooling treat at the end, Popsicle's!



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