Burrowing Owl

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INTRODUCTION:Hi everyone! I am a burrowing owl and I live in the Sonoran Desert.  I like to burrow in other animals burrows which is how I received my name. You can check out the page below to learn all about me! 

 WHO AM I?  Hello, I am the burrowing owl. I like to live in different types of burrows, which is how I got my name. I also like to spend my time in the Sonoran Desert!

 WHERE DO I LIVE? I live in the Sonoran desert and my range is from Mississippi to the Pacific all the way to South America.  I may also be found in Florida and the Caribbean Islands. These are the places that I can survive and do well in. 

WHAT DO I EAT? A food that I like to eat during the late spring and early summer is mice and moles. Once the summer has passed I like to stick to eating insects. My favorite type of insects to eat is grasshoppers and beetles.

WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE? I am a very small owl. I weigh in at about 6 ounces and I am 10 inches tall.  I have a round head and no ear tuffs. I have white eyebrows, yellow eyes, and long legs.

   HOW DO I REPRODUCE?  I like to reproduce in the late spring and it will take me 28 days for me to then have my baby owls. I will have between 3-12 eggs at a time. The way that burrowing owls such as myself get the attention of each other is by showing off the white feathers in my throat and eyebrows while doing a bowing display.  

FUN FACTS ABOUT ME? I like to bob up and down when I am excited. I also like to nest in the burrow of other animals such as ground squirrel and prairie dogs.  A way that I can protect myself from predators while in my burrow mimicking the sound of a rattlesnake. By doing this my predators will stay away from my burrow keeping me safe. 



Kindergarten: Make a poster of what you have learned about the burrowing owl! Include one picture and one new fact you learned

1st and 2nd: Make a poster of what you have learned about the burrowing owl! Include two pictures and write out two sentences with two new facts you learned. 

3rd: Make a poster of what you have learned about the burrowing owl! Include three pictures and one paragraph with three new facts you learned. 


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