Mesquite Mouse

By Megan Shalbrack

Mesquite Mouse Movie


Hello, today we will be learning about the Mesquite Mouse. Hey guess what? Mesquite mice live in regions in the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona. They love to eat seeds, small fruits, and insects. The Mesquite mice breed all year round but mostly in late winter and early spring. They tend to have small litters of two-four babies. They live in habitats called bosques, which are thick mesquite thickets with a series of other plants. It is a small grey mouse with rather large ears and whiskers. Now it is time to read more about the Mesquite Mouse and to take the quiz.

I am small, have big ears, live in the desert, and am related to Mickey Mouse. Who am I? I am the Mesquite Mouse. I have quite a few relatives, and I am classified as not a threat on the endangered species list. 
I am grey with a tan belly and feet. I have big ears, long whiskers, and a long tail. If I am female I will a litter which at most will have 2-4 babies per litter.
I live in dense mesquite thickets called bosques. It is made of mesquite, and other desert plants such as palo-verde, prickly pear, cholla cacti, and grasses. I live in the Sonoran Desert in the southern part of Arizona and mostly Mexico.
As a Mesquite mouse, I have babies year round but most commonly during late winter and early spring. As I said earlier, I have only 2-4 babies per litter so our families don't get very big and some of our other relatives. This is only once we have found a mate.
I am labeled a pest in the state of Arizona and I have been put on the endangered species list since the year 2008. I am classified as Least Concern in retrospect of my high distribution.
Before showing the picture of the mouse, give the students paper, colored pencils, crayons, and ask them to make a picture of the mouse. Then show them the picture and together the pictures will make a collage about the mammal.