By: Sarah Tomaszewski

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INTRODUCTION:.Hello everybody, I am a bobcat! I live in the Sonoran Desert. I am a type of cat with a bob-tail. This is where my name comes from. You can learn some more information about me on this page


Hello! I am a bobcat. When it comes to cats I am on the smaller side and I weight between 15-30 pounds.

WHERE DO I LIVE? I can be found in the Sonoran desert and but I am able to adapt to many different places which has allowed me a successful species. The places I most enjoy are most rocky ones with lots of plant coverage. I need a place to live that will offer me somewhere with coverage, prey, den sites, and protection from harsh weather. 

WHAT DO I EAT? I am a carnivore, so that means that I love to eat meat! My favorite thing to eat are rabbits, however, I will also eat birds, snakes, and lizards. You might even catch me eating a deer! I also like to ambush my prey. This means that I am a sneaky animal! I will be as quite as I can when out searching for my food and then try and jump out of nowhere to catch my prey by surprise. This will make it easier for me to catch a meal. 

WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE? One of the features that shows that I am a bobcat is my short bob-tail which varies from 2-8 inches long. My tail is black on top and white on the underside. My face is flat and I have extra long fur on my face. My color can range from orange-ish brown to pale gray. I have black spots on my body and long legs with big paws.

HOW DO I REPRODUCE? I like to mate in the late winter. It will take me 50-70 days and until my kittens are born which will usually happen in the early spring, and I will produce 1-6 kittens. My kitten will learn to hunt around 5 months old.

FUN FACTS ABOUT ME? A fun fact about me is that I can only be found in North America. I also live to 13-15 years when I am in the wild. Another neat fact about me is that my paw prints do not leave claw marks and are about two inches in diameter which show my heal pad and four toes. 

Kindergarten:  Make a PowerPoint with one slide that has a picture and one slide that has one fun fact.

1st and 2nd: Make a PowerPoint with two slides that contains a picture each and two slides that contain and fun fact each.

3rd: Make a PowerPoint with three slides that contains a picture each and  three slides that contain a fun fact each.