**3rd Grade-Tarantula Treasure Hunt!

By: Shaneen Silver

Grade Level: Third Grade

Lesson Developer: Shaneen Silver

Lesson Plan Title: Making a Tarantula’s Home

Concept / Topic To Teach: Science

Standards Addressed: Concept 4 PO 1

General Goal(s): The goal of this lesson is to have the students get a real life feel of where a tarantula might live and vegetation that the tarantula makes its home out of.

Specific Objectives: The students will be able to recognize the habitat of a tarantula.

Required Materials: Shoebox, Pencils, Papers, Computer, Internet 

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): The students will get to see the Sonoran Desert Explorer Web Site about the tarantula and have the opportunity to learn a little bit about it before they go out and try to create a tarantula home. 

Step-By-Step Procedures:

1.     Look over the Sonoran Desert Explorer Web Site

2.     Discuss as a class what kind of things you might use in your shoebox that you are able to find around your campus

3.     Discuss with your class the proper safety rules and regulations for your school about remaining on campus safely

4.     Group up your class in groups of three or four and distribute one shoebox to each group

5.     Let the students go around campus to find things they would include in their tarantula’s home

6.     Put the completed shoeboxes in the front of the class and discuss as a group what common things they found and which things would not work for a tarantula

7.     Choose a class winner for the best habitat (home) for a tarantula 

Plan For Independent Practice: The students will write a short paragraph on the habitat they created for their tarantula.

- Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Discussing what items work for the tarantula’s habitat and which ones would not work.

- Assessment Based On Objectives: The finished shoebox habitat will be examined by the teacher upon completion.  

- Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities): Students with learning disabilities will benefit from receiving help from a special education instructor.

- Extensions (For Gifted Students): Gifted students can take the activity a step further by having to research specific conditions the tarantulas look for when searching to make its home; on Ipad’s or school computers.

- Possible Connections To Other Subjects: The students can write a short paragraph using descriptive words to describe the tarantulas habitat. This could be tied into writing, specifically word choice.