*1st Grade: Are those HORNS on your head?

Grade Level: 1

Lesson Developer: Nicole Danbury

Lesson Plan Title: Are those HORNS on your head?

Concept / Topic To Teach: Writing 

Standards Addressed:
    Strand 1: Writing Process
        Concept 1: Prewriting
        PO 1: Generate ideas through prewriting activities

Strand 2: Writing Components
    Concept 4: Word Choice
        PO 1: Select words that convey a clear, general meaning.
    Concept 5: Sentence Fluency
        PO 1: Write simple sentences.

General Goal(s): To create a short story of simple sentences that display a student’s knowledge of the Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard.

Specific Objectives: Students will generate descriptive words by completing a circle map, prewriting activity on the Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard. Student will select words that covey a clear, general meaning and write out 3-4 simple sentences.

Required Materials: Circle Map, Book: I’m an Old Horned Toad by Lane Johnson, Lizard Worksheet (Picture on top-to be colored by students, lines beneath for the story)

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): When I say the word “horned” what picture comes to mind? Is it scary? Is it mean? Do you think of a fierce dragon?

Step-By-Step Procedures:

1. Teacher will read ‘I’m an Old Horned Toad’ by Lane Johnson
2. Teacher will use document camera to complete word map with student selected descriptive words (recalled from story)
3. Teacher will prompt students for connecting works (is, can, has, looks)
4. Teacher will instruct students to return to desk to begin work on sentences, using conventions and neat handwriting
5. Teacher will instruct students to color in lizard picture once sentences are completed

Plan For Independent Practice:

1. Students will work on forming clear sentences based on the topic of Horned Toad.
2. Teacher will circulate the room, assisting students as needed.

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Students will be able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of the defining features of a Horned Toad as told through their short story.

Assessment Based On Objectives: Assessment will be based on sentence fluency and word choice as compared to a sample piece of writing chosen by the teacher.

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities): This lesson can be shortened from 3-4 sentences to 1-2 sentences.

Extensions (For Gifted Students): Students will design and create an xtranormal video (www.xtranormal.com) that will speak the sentences they created.

Possible Connections To Other Subjects: This lesson connects to Science/Nature studies.