Research Grants
2019       National Geographic Society, general grant ($30,000) 
2019       Leakey Foundation, general grant ($25,000)
2014       National Science Foundation, High Risk Exploration Grant ($34,090)
2013       National Geographic Society, Committee for Research and Exploration Grant ($20,000)
2010       The Wenner-Gren Foundation, Post PhD Research Grant ($20,000)

2009/10  Turkana Basin Institute, Post PhD Research Grant ($20,000)

2006       The Wenner-Gren Foundation, Dissertation Fieldwork Grant ($23,700)

2005       The Dan David Prize for Young Researchers ($15,000)

2005       The LSB Leakey Foundation, General Grant ($12,000)

2004       The LSB Leakey Foundation, General Grant ($11,000)

Courses Taught as a Primary Instructor 


  •  Emergence of Human Culture - University of Louisville
  •  Principles of Archaeology - University of Louisville
  •  The Archaeology of Human History University of Louisville
  •  Lithic Technology University of Louisville
  •  African Archaeology University of Louisville
  •  Introduction to Archaeology, City University of New York - Queens College (1-semester)
  •  Introduction to Physical Anthropology, University of Southern Indiana (6-semesters)
  •  Human Origins, University of Southern Indiana (4-semesters) ....F2F and Online
  •  Peoples of Africa, University of Southern Indiana (2- semesters)... F2F and Online
  •  Environmental Archaeology, Stony Brook University (1-semester)
  •  International Studies Capstone, University of Southern Indiana (1-semester)
  •  Old World Civilizations, Henderson Community College, KY (3-semesters)... Online
  •  Cultural Diversity in the Modern World, Henderson Community College, KY (1-semester).... Online
  •  Ethnoarchaeology and Archaeological Field School, University of Asmara (1-semester)


  •  Technology and Society - University of Louisville (Hybrid)
  •  Lithic Technology University of Louisville

Honors, Fellowships and Awards

2009     Stony Brook University President’s Award to Distinguished Doctoral Students
2010     Nominee, Distinguished Dissertation Award from the Council of Graduate Schools
Graduate Fellowships

2007 - 2008      Graduate Assistant, Turkana Basin Institute, Stony Brook University ($15,000)

2003 - 2007      Teaching Assistant, Stony Brook University ($13,000/year)

2001 - 2003      The LSB Leakey Foundation, Baldwin Fellowship ($23,500)

2001 - 2009      Full tuition scholarship, Stony Brook University
Travel Awards
2013        Paleontological Scientific Trust (PAST) ($955) – Mombasa, Kenya
2009        Dean’s Fellowship, Stony Brook University ($250) – Atlanta (USA)

2009        Department of Anthropology, Stony Brook University ($300) – Atlanta (USA)

2008        Society of Africanist Archaeologists – SAfA ($800) – Frankfurt (Germany)

2007        Department of Anthropology, Stony Brook University ($350) – New York (USA)

2007        Paleoanthropology Society ($300) – Philadelphia (USA)

2006        Society of Africanist Archaeologists – SAfA ($1,000) – Calgary (Canada)
2005        Graduate Student Association (GSO)- Stony Brook University ($275)- Gaborone (Botswana)
2005        PanAfrican Association of Prehistory and Archaeology ($950)- Gaborone (Botswana)
2004        National Science Foundation/Smithsonian Institution ($1,600)- Kenya Fieldschool Participation
2004        Society of Africanist Archaeologists - SAfA ($1,470) – Bergen (Norway)

2003        Department of Anthropology, Stony Brook University ($250) – Boston (USA)


  •  Lithic techno-typological analysis, illustration and replication
  •  Archaeological Applications of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing
  •  Applications of the Quality Matter Rubric for online course design
  •  All methods of archaeological site survey, documentation and presentation
  •  Techniques and principles of microstratigraphy and zooarchaeology (intermediary)
  •   Commonly used computer software and basic object oriented programming

 Research Experience

2013    PI: Excavation of Lakeshore prehistoric sites in West Turkana, Northern Kenya

2013    Field Technician II, Cultural Resources Analyst, inc. Evansville, Indiana

2010    PI: Survey and excavation of Lakeshore prehistoric sites in West Turkana, Northern Kenya

2009    PI: Pilot survey of Lakeshore prehistoric sites in West Turkana, Northern Kenya

2007    World Trade Center Recovery Project, Office of Chief Medical Examiner, New York City

2006    PI: Survey and Excavation of Gelalo NW and Misse East: Buri Peninsula, Eritrea

2006    PI: Survey and Excavation of the Asfet Coastal Site: Gulf of Zula Coast, Eritrea

2005    PI: Reconnaissance of Paleolithic sites on the Red Sea Coast of Eritrea

2004    Microstratigraphy and Taphonomy Field Course: Olorgesailie Prehistoric Site, Kenya

2004    Short Field visit to the Kapthurin Formation, Lake Baringo, Northern Kenya
2004    Internship: American Museuem of Natural History (New York City) - Anthropology Section

2000    Internship: National Museum of Eritrea- Cast making, dissection and preservation of fossils

1998-1999    Archaeological training: site documentation, survey, excavation and museum analysis.
Review Services
  • Vertebrate Paleontology: Reviewed manuscripts for two edited books (2009, 2013)
  • Journal of Lithic Technology: Manuscript Review (2012)
  • African Archaeological Review: Manuscript Review (2012)
  • Journal of Human Evolution: Manuscript Review (2009)
  • Current Anthropology: Manuscript Review (2008)
  • Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology: Manuscript Review (2007)
  • Miscellaneous Book chapters and grants reviews for National Science Foundation and Leakey Foundation (2007–present)

2014      LA Story, University of Southern Indiana- “Origin of humanity focus of faculty research”
2013      USI Magazine (Vol. 46/2), University of Southern Indiana -“African Artifacts travel far to educate widely”
2012 “User spotlight: the importance of profiles”
2010     The Archaeology Magazine: “From the Trenches: Bon Voyage, Caveman”
2007     The Geotimes Magazine: “Early Human Migration Routes out-of-Africa”

2006     EriTV- “Eritrea at a Glance: The importance of Paleolithic findings from

                  the Red Sea Coast of Eritrea to human origins research.”

2006      Eri-TV- “Open Mic: Paleolithic Research along the Red Sea Coast of Eritrea”

Advisory Services

2012 - 14    Capstone  and  honors projects advisor for 24 undergraduate students: University of Southern Indiana

2006       Senior-paper project advisor for two undergraduate students: University of Asmara

2007-09   Independent study and lithic analysis training for six undergraduate students, Stony Brook University

Professional Memberships

  • Society for American Archaeology (SAA)
  • East African Association for Paleoanthropology and Paleontology (EAAPP), country representative
  • Society of Africanist Archaeologists (SAfA)
  • Paleoanthropology Society
  • The Leakey Foundation Alumni Society

Extracurricular Activities and Related Awards

2014                Co-organizer of "Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela" celebration at the University of Southern Indiana

2013                Co-organizer of the “2013 and 2014 African Cultural Diversity” showcase at the University of Southern Indiana 

2007–2009    Resident Assistant (RA), Stony Brook University Residential programs

          2009    -Certificate of recognition for outstanding service by an RA

          2008    -Certificate of recognition for outstanding educational program by an RA

2007               Graduate Assistant for Special Events, Turkana Basin Institute

2005               Volunteer, Human Evolution Workshop at Stony Brook University

2004               Volunteer, Human Evolution Workshop at Stony Brook University

1998–2001   Chairman, University of Asmara Catholic Students Association


Guest lectures and other contributions

2015   Public Lecture (Colloquium): Tracking Early Human Dispersal Routes Out-Of-Africa, University of Southern Indiana

2014   Invited panel speaker: Columbus Day celebration – Unity in Diversity, University of Southern Indiana.

2014   Class Lecture: Milestones in becoming human. Humanities II course, University of Southern Indiana.

2014   Invited panel speaker: “The contribution of African Civilizations to World Cultures”. Workshop on "The life and  legacy of Cheikh Anta Diop." University of Southern Indiana.

2013   Invited panel speaker: Language, literacy and culture seminar course, University of Southern Indiana.

2013   Public Lecture: Global Salon Series- Study abroad opportunities in Africa, University of Southern Indiana.

2012   Public Lecture: Prehistoric shoreline adaptations in Northeast Africa, University of Evansville.

2011  Public Lecture: Prehistoric shoreline Adaptations in Northeast Africa: Analogies and contrasts between coastal Eritrea and Lake Turkana (Kenya). University of Cape Town, South Africa.

2010   Public Lecture: Prehistoric Shoreline Adaptations in Northeast Africa. Brown Bag Seminar, Department of Anthropology, Stony Brook University, New York.

2009   Class Lecture: The Aksumite Civilization. Peoples and Cultures of Africa, Stony Brook University. 

2007   Class Lecture: Human Origins in Africa. Department of Africana Studies, Stony Brook University.

2006   Public Lecture: Paleolithic discoveries on the Red Sea Coast of Eritrea, National Museum of Eritrea.

2005   Class Lecture: The importance of Eritrea to human origins research, University of Asmara. 

Sports and Hobbies:  Martial Arts (taekwondo and shotokan: yellow belt), volleyball, soccer…etc.