Important Announcements

*due  to our extended days, we are providing a snack time during your child's red class (1:50-3:05). We are asking for HEALTHY snack donations (ex: individual fruit snacks, individual cheese-its or goldfish, and chewy granola bars). Please do not send nuts due to allergies. Please label the snacks with your homeroom teachers' name!

*PENNIES FOR PATIENTS!! (ask your child about it)

*We are kicking it in HIGH GEAR  in AC  this semester. Students are expected to study a little each night because it's not always known when you will be given an assessment! If you are having troubles with a concept, please do one (or all) of the following: come to tutorial, IXL, khan academy, etc. we will be speeding up as this is an ACCELERATED course and we are expected to cover all of 6th grade and half of 7th grade by the end of the year. HOLD ON TIGHT!
*Remember: It's important that AC students maintain an average of 85 or above in order to continue on  the accelerated track in 7th grade!

Tutorial: Monday afternoons from 4:35-5:30 (Notice time change due to later dismissal)
-Test corrections can be done during this time or during any other 6th grade math teacher's tutorial. 
-Please meet with Ms. Joost regarding requirements for corrections before corrections are made. 
-Corrections can only be made the tutorial immediately after the tests are returned.
-Corrections cannot be done the same day tests are returned.
-Students must have a ride home!

Check the calendar below  daily for homework, quiz dates, test dates, and more!
The Calendars below are used for Planning Purposes. Dates are subject to change and students will be notified of any changes.

On-Level Calendar

Accelerated Calendar