Fourth Grade

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Since I am out of school today, we are going to pause our work with Micro:bit programming. Instead, today you will have a chance to explore with a 3rd type of block based coding, Scratch. Click on the button to the right and follow the directions on screen.

This morning, you will be working on the PPS Successful Schools Survey. This survey is designed to give the district important information about your year at school this year. Questions that ask about your current class are referring to you home room class (Augustine, Selivanova, or Rischiotto).

This week, you will practice your typing and creative writing by coming up with the ending to a story. In addition to good practice, we will use your endings next week to start talking about our first big project, Branching Narratives.

Your story ending should be at least 6-8 sentences long and I would encourage you to use as much detail and description as possible.

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Welcome to Technology Class

After you have reviewed the expectations, we will take our Kahoot Quiz.

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