Improving Alaska Native Education through Computer Assisted Language Learning
It is our goal to graduate 4 Alaska Native Ph.D.s and 20 M.A.s (at 15 who are Alaska Natives) with expertise in (Alaska Native and English) language teaching and learning and focusing on Computer Assisted Language Learning.


Little to no technology applications are currently available to support the teaching and learning of Alaska Native languages. We want to change this by creating innovative, engaging, and culturally responsive language learning materials.


Collaboration: Students will work in Guided Collaboratives consisting of a faculty member, an Alaska Native Ph.D. student and about 5 master’s students.

  • 2 groups will work on improving the teaching of Yup’ik (Drs. Charles and John will be the faculty advisors for these groups).
  • 1 group, under the guidance of Dr. Siekmann, will work on improving the teaching of English Language Learners.
  • 1 group will work on improving the education of Alaska Native Languages to be determined.

Technology: All groups will work on integrating technology into their classrooms.

Participating teachers will receive classroom technologies to use in their classroom:

  • 1 SmartBoard per classroom
  • 5 i-pads per classroom


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