About Mrs. A. Brown:

Meet the newest member of the Brown Family...... Sasha :)


Hi there!  I am the art teacher at Westwood.    I have been teaching at our school for the past 18 years.  Along with art I also teach the Gifted and Talented classes.  I collect the BoxTops 4 Education at our school, where the proceeds help us to purchase art supplies.  I am also in charge of press release and the yearbook at our school.  I am married and live in Greenwood with our four legged children: Oscar, Muffin, and Sasha.

My favorite style of art would have to be quilting.  I started sewing at the age of 6 with my mother's help.  As an adult I became better with practice.  

I am a member of 3 different quilting groups throughout South Carolina.  I was lucky enough to be chosen the past two years to teach at our annual quilting retreat for the Quilters of SC.  


I enjoy creating at home artwork, last summer I found a great project using bright and colorful crayons.  All you need is a canvas, crayons, hot glue gun, sticky-backed letters, and a hair dryer.  And "voila" you have art.

You can even hot glue on a few silk flowers for blooming art.

Even my students inspire me to create unique artwork.  The kaleidoscopes were created from a free app that a few 5th grade students showed me.  It is nice to know that even in our world of technology... creativity can be found. :)