Exchange Seed Questions

Young adolescents exhibit vivid imaginations and emerging curiosity about the world.  Exchanges among classrooms can help to ignite or expand these aptitudes as well
as guide them towards critical thinking about their own place in the world.  The following questions serve as general suggestions or starting points to organize the time you will spend 
with other classrooms.  
Now that you have your date and time set for your exchange, how do you plan to use it?
First of all, be sure you and your counterpart teacher(s) are in agreement about the purpose or objective of the particular meeting, be it on chat or video conferencing.  This may include:

  • Exploring together one of the learning topics
  • Exchanging presentations of summaries about the material from one of the topics and how your  classroom experiences the subject matter
  • Exchanging presentations about the respective kinds of places where youth live (countries, cities, populations, school life)
  • Brainstorming ideas for conducting MyCOE projects together or the same MyCOE project in different places
  • Sharing techniques on how to use particular geographic methods or technologies

Many other objectives are possible.

Here are some all-purpose questions that you might use to initiate discussions:

  • What surprised or impressed you most about the reading / case study / exercise?
  • How does this theme affect you / your community? your school? 
  • What is it like where you live? What is your day like? How do you get to school? What do you do after school? 
  • What are you planning to do for your own MyCOE project? Are you working in groups or teams or as individuals? What questions are you asking?
  • Where are you finding information or data or tools to do your project?